Media Installation

Media Installation
Media Installation

Scenography and interactive media installations for an exhibition about poverty in the antique.


In the Hellenistic period the intoxicating feast of Lagynophorien was associated with the cult of Dionysus. The audio-visual installation gave the visitors the felling of visiting such an feast including the consumption of wine.

The visitor entered the room through semi-transparent fabric panels with projected videos of antique dressed people. Walking through one could hear a faint soundscape of mediterranean sounds and ancient music that occasionally swells and reassembles in new combinations. Occasionally the main exhibit, the colorful painted "drunken old woman", laughed out loud.

The celebration is related to the consumption of free wine. Therefore we tried to give the visitors a „virtual“ feeling of drunkenness. The entire back wall of the room was filled with an extra wide projection of a fictitious coastal landscape. When approaching the space in front of it the picture started to fluctuate. Only when standing still, it calmed down agin. Which corresponds approximately to the feeling of drunkenness.

Interactiv Sarcophagus

In the last room a relief slab of a sarcophagus with many mythological scenes was on display. We used a kinekt-hack, which was latest sensor technology at that time, and developed a gesture interface for the sarcophagus slab. Just by pointing at on scene an animated explanations was projected.